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Membership at CYC

If you would like information about The Cleveland Yachting Club or have questions regarding membership please contact:

Melissa Grablovic
Membership Coordinator
Direct line: 440-799-4902
EMAIL: mgrablovic@cycrr.org

Membership Requirements

  1. A candidate submitting an application needs one Senior member to act as a proposer and another to second the application, both must be voting Senior members at CYC.
  2. Three letters of endorsement from CYC members other than the proposing and the seconding member are required, each of the three references, along with the proposer and seconder, must complete a membership letter of recommendation form.
  3. A candidate will meet with the Membership Coordinator for a tour of the Club, giving them the opportunity to ask questions regarding membership privileges.
  4. Complete both sides of the Membership Application and have the proposer and seconder sign it.
  5. Attach a recent small photograph of you and your spouse to the Membership Application.
  6. Attach a personal check for your initiation fee to the Membership Application.
  7. After receipt of your application and check , the Club will run a credit check. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
  8. Meet with the Membership Chairman and the Membership Development Chairman for a New Member Interview.

In the event you wish to withdrawal your application, or should your membership application be denied, your initiation fee will be refunded to you.

Age limitation is computed on the basis of whether or not such age limit shall be reached on or before the last day of the Clubs's fiscal year, which is September 30th.

Should you have any questions concerning the instructions for membership procedure, please contact your sponsoring member or the Club's Membership Coordinator, Melissa Grablovic at 440-799-4902.

Membership Classifications

  • Junior
  • Intermediate Junior "A"
  • Intermediate Junior "B"
  • Senior
  • Non-Resident